"Provide air traffic control to aircraft on a ‘first come, first served’ basis as circumstances permit…"(ATP 7110.1B)

Air traffic controllers provide tower, radar & non-radar ATC services, including flight following for military & civilian air traffic. They control take-offs & landings, flights of instrument flight rules (IFR), visual flight rules (VFR) & special flight rules (SVFR) air traffic. The ATC operators provide enroute, terminal approach control & ground control approach (GCA radar) services. They perform air traffic control duties with a knowledge of flight rules, air traffic regulations, concepts & procedures at both fixed bases & tactical ATC facilities.

USAATCA.tumblr.com is the current official web site of the Yahoo group USAATCA. We invite anyone who was a former member of an ASD/ADD in Vietnam, was or is currently an Air Traffic Controller in the U.S. Army, to join our group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/usaatca/.

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Last updated 28 May 2012